Emil - Glass Drink Bottle 

It took me quite a while to find the best kids drink bottle for my kids. I definitely didn't want to have a plastic drink bottle because of the toxins it might release into their water. (New research is now out suggesting that it might not only be BPA we need to worry about, you can read more here)

I was also concerned about aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, as I find they seem to change the taste of the water, which makes me wonder why that is...

So basically I knew that I wanted to have a glass drink bottle, however, it needed to be safe to use for my kids (2 and 4 years old). The problem was that I couldn't find anything that satisfied me as I was too worried of them breaking if the kids drop them accidentally.

But then, during my last visit to Germany, I came across the Emil glass drink bottles, for which I have been searching for so long. Emil glass drink bottles are made in Europe and have been used in German childcare centers and schools for over 25 years. The design of the Emil glass drink bottle is simple, yet unique, which makes it the best kids drink bottle, as well as for adults. 

The Emil glass drink bottle is made from toughened glass; it is housed in a 100% polypropylene insulated cup and covered by a bottle cover which is simply pulled tight by a drawstring. This clever design keeps not only the glass drink bottle well protected from knocks and drops; it also helps keeps drinks warm or cool, making it also a perfect insulated water bottle.

The glass drink bottles come in 300 ml, 400 ml or 600 ml and there are many different bottle covers to choose from. The Emil glass drink bottle is not only the best kids water bottle, but it is designed to also suit grown-ups. Emil even has a range of baby glass bottles with organic bottle covers.

Here you can purchase your very own Emil Glass Water bottle.