Iris Root Teether – Natural teething pain relief


Even though it is an exciting time when babies getting their first teeth, it is also a very challenging time for everybody.
Babies can be irritable, restless, upset and may even be slightly feverish. During teething babies’ gums and mucous membranes are particularly sensitive, often even swollen at this time, which feel very uncomfortable. An unpleasant feeling of tension arises; this is why babies will put everything within reach in their mouth to chew on. Many parents find it very helpful to give their child a teething toy to help with teething.

There are many different options for teething pain relief, some are made out of artificial materials, however there are also many effective natural teething pain relief products available.


A long-standing European natural teething pain relief is the Iris Root Teether, it is a tried and tested, completely natural teething pain relief. 

The name Iris Root is rather misleading as it is not the root, but the rhizome of the iris flower, specifically the root stock of Iris Florentina that is harvested, dried and then hand carved before being shipped from the farm. Babies chewing and gnawing on the Iris Root Teether produces an immediate soothing effect created by the Essential oils contained within the dried medallion. Many midwives in Europe still rate the Iris Root Teether as the best natural teething pain relief available.

Please note that if using Iris Root Teether as a natural teething pain relief, you will need the whole root and not just the chips or the powder, which is often also readily available. The Iris Root Teether is creamy in colour, about 3-5 cm long and is attached to a small cotton loop.


Iris Root Teether as A natural Teething pain Relief - what do I need to know?

There are virtually no side effects when using an Iris Root Teether as a natural teething pain relief; however, some children can show sensitivities. It is recommended to only letting bub use the Iris Root Teether for around 5-10 minutes at a time as the Silvia can make the medallion brittle. It is also recommended to hang the teether and allow to thoroughly dry between every use.

As the Iris Root Teether is a natural teething pain relief product some hygiene measures are essential. It's very important to regularly put the Iris Root Teether in boiling water for 5 minutes, as this is how germs and bacteria are destroyed. Just keep in mind that if you boil the Iris Root Teether often, some of the ingredients may wash out, so buying a new Iris Root Teether would be recommended.

In addition, parents should never put the cotton cord, attached to the Iris Root Teether, around the baby's’ neck. It is recommended to attach it to a dummy clip, which is then attached to clothing. That way the baby have their natural teething pain relief at any time within safe range.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Mamas Natural Magic is no longer selling the Iris Root Teether, however we highly recommend PUNKIN BUTT TEETHING OIL as a natural alternative to teething. To learn more about the natural teething oil Punkin Butt, please head to Mamas Natural Magic