Magic Baby Hammock - Toddler Swing


When I fell pregnant with our first baby, I knew that I wanted to have a baby hammock / toddler swing for our bub, preferably made out of organic material. I am originally from Germany, and the Magic Baby Hammock - Toddler Swing (Baby nest) by Petite Planet is very popular in Europe. I first saw the Magic Baby Hammock when I was working in a Steiner child care center, and immediately fell in love with it. I looked everywhere for a similar baby hammock in Australia, but could only find baby hammocks which would be suitable for the first few month, none of the baby hammocks could be used beyond the ‘baby’ stage. Therefor I asked my parents to send us the Magic baby hammock - Toddler Swing by Petite Planete.


The Magic Baby Hammock - Toddler Swing has a beautiful natural design and the fact that it is made out of organic material is just perfect. Petite Planete designed this magical baby hammock a few decades ago and since then it has become very popular with babies throughout Europe. Petite Planetes’ unique design makes it the only baby hammock available that can transform into a toddler swing. By easily adjusting the knots of the baby hammock, the hammock will change from a bassinet position to a hanging chair position. This allows your baby to use the baby hammock much longer than other hammocks on the market. The way Petite Planete designed the Magic Baby Hammock has negated the need for a seat belt, as baby lays nice and deep in the 'bassinet'. Once baby becomes a little bit more active, the interior cushion is re-positioned and babies’ feet then go through the leg holes. This is also when you tilt the babyhammock slightly up. With legs through the leg holes it is impossible for baby to fall out

The Magic Baby Hammock cradles your baby from the sides and reduces nerve strain by maintaining the natural primary curve of the spine. The gentle rhythmic movement and cradling baby experiences while in a baby hammock is just like the movement and cradling they experience in the womb. Babies find this very relaxing and soothing. Mums often report huge improvements in fussy, discontent and colicky babies. All babies have rounded backs when they are born. Their C-shaped spine has to gradually straighten out and is only completed when babies can stand up on their own and take their first tentative steps. Baby hammocks perfectly protect and support your baby’s back, while the soft boundaries give them a real sense of security.


My daughter loved her Magic Baby Hammock swing from the first day and would always sleep safely and soundly in it. We hung it from her bedroom door, which leads into our living area, so she was always close by and could hear us. I hung a beautiful little wooden mobile over her hammock and she would lie in the baby hammock, gentle rocking herself to make it move. Once she became more alert and tried to sit up, we changed the Magic baby hammock to the swing position. Even though she couldn’t sit up by herself yet, the hammock swing supported her very well and she loved it even more as she could see us better. We also hung the hammock swing low to the ground, so that her little feet could touch the ground so she could practice walking back and forth, pushing herself. We could tell she really enjoyed this.

Because the Magic Baby Hammock is lightweight and easily portable it was very easy to take on day trips and camping trips. Whenever we went for a day trip to the beach we would find a nice shady tree where we could hang it from and our bubba would have a lovely sleep away from the sand.


16 months after our daughter was born we were blessed with a son, so we changed the Magic Baby Hammock back into bassinet position. This time we hung it from a wooden beam in our living room. We hung the babyhammock a little bit higher this time, so that our little man would be out of reach of his curious sister. This meant that he was always safe and we didn't need to worry about our daughter accidently bumping his bassinet. Our son also loved the Magic Baby Hammock from the beginning. As he got a little bit older we hung the hammock swing lower to the ground again. Our daughter would spend hours pushing him gently while he was giggling away.

Once he became more active we moved the hammock outside to our back patio, where both or our kids enjoyed swinging in it nearly every day.

Mama's Natural Magic is the Australian distributor for the Magic Baby Hammock - Toddler Swing by Petite Planete and you are able to purchase it here.