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Which Me Luna menstrual cup will fit you best?


Me Luna menstrual cups are the world’s most versatile range of menstrual cups, designed to fit every woman’s changing body from puberty, through to menopause. Find your perfect fit below, then be sure to read on to discover your optimal firmness, and whether or not a Me Luna Shorty could be a better option for you.

You may be surprised, but the heaviness or your menstrual flow does not necessarily determine your size! Even if you have a heavy flow, a large cup may not be suitable as it might not be able to unfold properly and could even be uncomfortable. On the other side, your flow may be light, but if you use a smaller cup and it is too small, it might change positions or not seal properly.


Choosing the right firmness of your menstrual cup


Now that you know which size Me Luna will best suit you, it’s time to look at the three different degrees of softness to find the perfect cup for you!


Me Luna Classic

Me Luna Classic is our best-selling menstrual cup as it is suitable for most women. Me Luna Classic is pleasantly soft, but still firm enough to ensure that your menstrual cup can unfold after it is inserted. The majority of users find Me Luna Classic to be comfortable and not too hard. For some women with well-toned pelvic floor muscles, the Me Luna classic is to soft, resulting in the unfolding of the cup to more time consuming.

Me Luna Classic is most suitable for woman:

  • with normally developed muscle tone
  • with normal sensitivity (no pain or pressure from previous tampon use)


Me Luna Sport

The Sport is a slightly firmer menstrual cup offering a higher degree of tension. When you press it together, you can feel the force with which it springs back. This high tension means that it can unfold perfectly, even against the pressure of the surrounding muscles, and will therefore maintain a seal even during physical exertion. Very few women find Me Luna Sport to be uncomfortable during insertion, and if they do it is usually only during their first few uses, while they are still inexperienced. However, many users really enjoy how easily the cup unfolds and many women experience fewer problems with the menstrual cup leaking.

Me Luna Sport is most suitable for woman:

  • whose athletic fitness is above average, or who have well-toned pelvic floor muscles. Some sports and exercises have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. These include, in particular: yoga, horse riding, Pilates, weight training, pelvic floor exercises and pole dancing. If you practise any of the above, then you should definitely consider a Me Luna Sport
  • who are slim, of normal physical fitness, under 25 and have not given birth. You can generally assume that your pelvic floor muscles are still in tip-top condition
  • with normal muscle tone who like a menstrual cup to unfold easily and quickly


Me Luna Soft

The Me Luna Soft feels soft to touch and is quite easy to press together. However, some of the tension is lost compared with the Me Luna Classic. The degree of softness is very soft and barely springs back at all. The Me Luna Soft is more difficult to insert and unfold, and requires much more dexterity and patience. If the pressure from the surrounding muscles is too strong, there is the risk that the menstrual cup will not unfold correctly inside the vagina and will not form a seal. Make sure you become familiar with checking it has unfolded completely if using this cup. Me Luna Soft was developed for women who are particularly sensitive, and for women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed.

Me Luna Soft is most suitable for woman:

  • who find using tampons uncomfortable, causing pressure or pain
  • who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain
  • whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed


In addition to the standard length Me Luna menstrual cups, you have also the option of a Me Luna Shorty. The Me Luna Shorty’s are particularly suitable for users whose vagina canal is very short for various reasons or whose cervix is located close to the entrance of the vagina. Women who had a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent), may also find the Me Luna Shorty to be a better option than the standard cups.
The shape of the Me Luna Shorty is slightly different from the standard Me Luna. It is slightly shorter and runs tapered to a point. Due to the short cone shape it pops open more strongly and seals a little more firmly. Removal may require a little more practice under certain circumstances.

Me Luna Shorty is most suitable for woman who have:

  • a very low cervix during menstruation
  • a very short vaginal canal
  • a prolapsed uterus


Grip Options

All Me Luna menstrual cups also come in four different grip options, as we know everybody had different preferences.


  • The ring is easy to grasp which can make removal easier. Often preferred by beginners, especially as you can also easily attach a withdrawal cord or ‘Nupsi’ to it.
  • The ball is our most popular grip style as it is the least noticeable
  • The stem is recommended for woman who prefer to wear Me Luna very deeply, or whose cervix is positioned very far back in the vagina.
  • The basic model has no grip at all, and we recommend this style only for very experienced users. Insertion and removal require a lot of practice.