We as a family try to reduce as much waste as possible and look for alternatives to plastic.

You can probably imagine how much waste is created every day in child care centers, kindergartens, schools and at work from our lunches and snacks alone.

Cling Wrap is not only an unnecessary waste which will end up in our landfill, but it is actually also quite difficult to use for little fingers.

Fortunately there is now a new, simpler and better alternative to plastic wrap – Washable and reusable cloth sandwich wraps and food pouches.

The wraps and pouches are made from a Cotton canvas with a non-toxic, biodegradable coating which is thin and breathable so as not to breed bacteria. They are hand, machine and dishwasher safe, and can even be put in the freezer.

To use, simply place your sandwich in the center of the cloth wrap, fold two sides in and close the other sides with the Velcro strip. The sandwich wraps are also perfect to use as a placemat once the sandwich is unwrapped, keeping it free from germs and nasties.

Reusable food pouches and snack pockets are fantastic to keep all your snacks in, like home backed goods, cut up fruit, nuts, etc. The reusable food pockets are open on one side but close also with Velcro. The coating inside the reusable wraps keeps the food nice and fresh.

You are able to purchase the reusable sandwich wraps, food pockets and snack pouches here.