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Emil – Insulated Glass Water Bottle – Organic Rainbow – 300 ml

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✅ Food safe glass

✅ No leaching of harmful toxins

 Made from toughened glass

 Shock resistant & hard wearing

 Glass is taste neutral

 Leak-proof screw top cap

✅ Suitable for carbonated drinks

 Easy to clean – dishwasher safe

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Due to its amazing design this glass drink bottle are suitable for children


Uniquely, the 300ml Emil glass drink bottles are an oval shape, making it easier for little hands to open as it stops the glass bottle rotating in the insulated cup when opening.

Emil the glass drink bottle is an insulated water bottle which is not only suitable for adults, but also a fantastic kids drink bottle. The glass drink bottle is completely free of potentially harmful chemicals found in many other water bottles. If you are using a glass drink bottle, you don’t have chemical leaching into your beverage and you don’t have a metallic taste.

The clever Emil – glass drink bottle has been used in German childcare centers and schools for over 25 years. The design of the Emil glass drink bottle is simple, yet unique, which makes it the best kids drink bottle and a fantastic insulated water bottle.

Emil glass drink bottles are made from toughened and shock resistant glass and are housed in a flexible 100% polypropylene insulated cup and covered by a bottle cover which is simply pulled tight by a drawstring. This clever design keeps not only the glass drink bottle well protected from knocks and drops; it also helps keeps drinks warm or cool and making it a fantastic insulated water bottle.

A variety of plain and funky 100% Polyester bottle-suits are available to ‘dress’ your glass drink bottle and give it a personal touch. All covers are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Emil glass drink bottles are refillable (up to 60°C), extremely durable and thus usable for many years.

The Emil glass drink bottle is not only the best kids drink bottle, but is designed to also suit grown-ups. The glass drink bottle comes in 300 ml, 400 ml and 600 ml, as well as a glass baby bottle.


Each Emil glass drink bottle includes:
  • BPA free, phthalate free, PCV free
  • 1 x 300 ml glass drink bottle with lid
  • 1x Pop top lid
  • 1 x Stable polypropylene cup
  • 1 x Cover


Care Instructions:
  • All covers are machine washable at 30°C.
  • Please leave the cup in the cover for washing to prevent shrinking.

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