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MeLuna Menstrual Cup – Classic – Size L


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✅ Odourless, safe, non-toxic

✅ Affordable & ecological

✅ A healthy alternative to tampons & pads

✅ Easy to use, practical & comfortable

✅ Only needs to be emptied 2-4 times a day

✅ Can be used overnight

✅ Safe to wear during sports

✅ Made in Germany



MeLuna – The menstrual cup that fits



MeLuna size L menstrual cup is mainly used by women who have already had vaginal births, women who have a heavy menstrual flow, and women whose physique can be described as normal or strong. Also very tall, slender women with a heavy menstrual flow can usually use MeLuna size L.

The diameter of the MeLuna size L menstrual cup is 44 mm and can also suitable to be used by women with weak pelvic floor muscles.


Size L is commonly used by women who:

  • are over 30 years of age
  • mainly use larger tampons
  • often have heavier periods
  • have had children
  • use large tampons and have to change them frequently
  • experience weakened pelvic floor muscles

This size is rarely used by woman:

  • which are very young
  • who have not had children
  • who only use small or regular tampons
  • with lighter periods

This size may be unsuitable if:

  • you have not had sexual intercourse
  • your cervix lies very low during menstruation
  • you only use the smallest size tampons
  • you have a prolapsed uterus



The firmness level Classic is medium soft, and suitable for most women. The MeLuna Classic menstrual cup is still soft and at the same time firm enough. Its therefor able to easily unfold after insertion. The MeLuna Classic menstrual cup is reported by users as very comfortable. Women involved in very active physical activities may prefer the Sport version. Those who are particularly sensitive to pressure or tampons may prefer the Soft version.



This menstrual cup is the regular length MeLuna. If you have a low cervix, short vaginal canal or uterine prolapse, the Me Luna Shorty could be perfect for you.


Unsure if this is the the best Me Luna for you? Head over to our  size calculator for guidance on your correct size and softness, and find your perfect fit.

If you have never used a menstrual cup before, head over to our advice page, where you will find all the information you need to know about how to use a menstrual cup.

Finally, looking after your Me Luna menstrual cup is quite easy, simply follow our detailed care instructions.



Included in delivery:

  • 1 Me Luna menstrual cup
  • 1 Me Luna microfiber bag.


Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: greatest diameter 44 mm, length 51 mm without grip
  • Volume: 34 ml to the brim, 24 ml to the holes
Free shipping for all orders over $150
Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day