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MeLuna Menstrual Cup – Soft – Size S


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✅ Odourless, safe, non-toxic

✅ Affordable & ecological

✅ A healthy alternative to tampons & pads

✅ Easy to use, practical & comfortable

✅ Only needs to be emptied 2-4 times a day

✅ Can be used overnight

✅ Safe to wear during sport

✅ Made in Germany


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Meluna – the menstrual cup that fits


MeLuna size S is one of the smallest menstrual cups available on the market. If you are either slim, have a petite physique, have not had vaginal births, have light menstrual flow MeLuna Size S menstrual cup would be perfect for you.

Slender women who have never had sexual intercourse, and women who have had a uterine prolapse could use the MeLuna size S menstrual cup as well.

The MeLuna Soft menstrual cup is great for people who have found tampons particularly uncomfortable and has been specifically developed for woman who are are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain.

The material of the Meluna Soft menstrual cup feels very soft to touch and is quite easy to press together when compared to the Meluna Classic. However, most of the tension is lost when compared with the MeLuna Classic.

The MeLuna Soft menstrual cup is more difficult to insert and unfold, and requires much more dexterity and patience. If the pressure from the surrounding muscles is too strong, there is the risk that the menstrual cup will not unfold correctly inside the vagina,meaning it may not form a seal.

However, for some woman it can be worthwhile using the Meluna Soft and spending extra time inserting and correctly unfolding. In some cases, women who are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain as a result of ureteritis require a very soft menstrual cup. A very soft menstrual cup does not offer any advantage when it comes to application or achieving a better seal.

The ball grip is our most frequently requested handle type. It is small and comfortably round. Many women are most comfortable with this type of handle. The ring is easy to grasp and the MeLuna can be removed without a challenge. Beginners often prefer the ring, especially as you can also attache a withdrawal cord to it easily.

If you have never used a MeLuna menstrual cup before, head over to our advice page, where you will find all the information you need to know about how to find the perfect size for you. You can also use our size calculator for general estimation of your correct size.

If you are unsure of how to use a menstrual cup, please have a look at our “How to use my MeLuna cup” page. You will learn everything you need to know and you will find also some practical tips and tricks.


Included in delivery:
  • 1 Me Luna® menstrual cup
  • 1 Me Luna® microfiber bag


Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: greatest diameter 38 mm, length 45 mm without grip
  • Volume: 23 ml to the brim, 15 ml to the holes.


Care Instructions:

Looking after your MeLuna menstrual cup is quite easy, simply follow our detailed care instructions.

Additional information


Ball Grip (Pink), Ring Grip (Pink)

Free shipping for all orders over $150
Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day