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Okonorm Nawaro Beeswax Crayons ‘Gnomes’ – Non Toxic Crayons for Toddler – 12 Colours


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✅ Vibrant colours

✅ No paraffin wax, no asbestos

✅ Non-toxic crayons

✅ Natural & sustainable materials

✅ Made in Germany

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Non toxic crayons for toddler and kids


The short and stubby ‘gnome’ shape of Nawaro Wax Crayons make them perfect for toddlers and children who are learning to write. Nawaro non toxic crayons have a child-appropriate, easy to grasp shape which is perfect for pre-writing exercises and encouraging creative painting of strong lines and large blocks of colour.

Nawaro wax crayons are made from natural and sustainable raw materials. These non toxic crayons are made from a minimum of 25% pure beeswax plus vegetable waxes, oils and stearine, lanolin, kaolin and organic colour pigments.

Did you know that most wax crayons available are actually made from paraffin wax which is derived from crude oil? And of huge concern to parents everywhere, some leading brands of crayons have recently been found to contain asbestos! The good news is, Nawaro Wax Crayons do not contain paraffin wax and are guaranteed 100% asbestos free!

The various colours of the Nawaro non toxic crayons will stimulate your child’s imagination. Nawaro Wax Crayons are a premium quality German crayons, resulting in an extraordinary drawing experience. The pastel colours also look beautiful when used on recycled paper.

A slight white sheen on the wax crayons is nothing to worry about; in fact, it is simply proof of their quality as it indicates a high beeswax content.

Made in Germany by ÖkoNorm to the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Diameter approx. 14 mm, length approx. 60 mm
  • 12 vibrant colours in a cardboard case



Plant-derived stearins, more than 25 % pure beeswax, plant-derived waxes, purified champagne chalk, lanolin, silica, high food colouring content, earth and mineral pigments, stabilised with selected organic pigments of the type also used for cosmetic products.


Warning: Not edible! Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults. Choking hazard – contains small parts.

Free shipping for all orders over $150
Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day